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The Jail The Women s Hell (2006) – Sex Movie – Horror Sex Movie

The Jail The Women s Hell (2006) – Sex Movie – Horror Sex Movie

A group of women prisoners were brought to some Asian island where there is nothing but the colony. This colony run by a very cruel woman who practice torture, murder, torture, humiliation, and things like that. It has established a real terror on the island and almost every day demonstrating his authority prisoners, bringing the guilty to death, and then assigning people are dead and 20 lashes. Arrived girls also fall into this hell, but one of them, Jennifer does not want to give up, especially after knowing that the control colony is friends with the governor of the island and deliver him girls for entertainment, and the local doctor writes a certificate of death from natural causes. That is no choice but to try to escape from this place there. Sooner or later all are waiting for humiliation, torture and death. And then Jennifer decided to organize the escape, in which not all will survive the heroine of the film

Director : Bruno Mattei

Writers : Antonio Tentori

بازدید: 2,258