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Embrace the darkness 2 Adult 18+ full movie

Embrace The Darkness is one of the Sexiest vampire horror movies of all time, the movie is contains Adult content so please stay away if you’re not 18+.

Embrace the Darkness II is an American horror film of the erotica and vampire fantasy subgenres. It is the second of three films in the Embrace the Darkness movie series and follows 1999’s Embrace the Darkness. It is followed by Embrace the Darkness III. The film was directed by Robert Kubilos and written by Edward Gorsuch and April White. It was distributed through Indigo Entertainment and released direct to home video on January 22nd, 2002. The movie stars Renee Rea as the main character, Jennifer Slaine. Supporting cast members in the film include John Maryland, Sean Vossler, Tristen Coeur D’Alene, Jezebelle Bond, April Flowers and Katie Lohmann.


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